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*Actually a certified arborist

Winnipeg, Would You Be-Leaf We Do It All?

Whether it’s tree pruning, tree and stump removal, or even year-round emergency tree care, Pierre Bunyan is a team of tree experts based in Winnipeg and led by Pierre himself (a certified arborist).

Like the folk hero Paul Bunyan, Pierre Bunyan loves to roll up his sleeves and get to work, uprooting all of your tree concerns.

The Legend of Pierre Bunyan 

Around campfires across Manitoba, camp leaders have begun to tell the story of the recently discovered long-lost legend of Pierre Bunyan, Winnipeg's expert lumberjack*. The story was lost until a young boy found a wood carving deep in the Manitoba boreal forest, tucked away in a tree hollow surrounded by beavers and moose. After a careful study of the wood carving, we believe we now know The Legend of Pierre Bunyan.

Rumoured to be Paul Bunyan's great, great, great grand-nephew, Pierre Bunyan was born during a stormy summer many years ago. His mother was travelling through the forest to reach their home when a terrible thunderstorm forced her off the trail. She sought refuge under a massive Balsam Poplar tree next to a beaver dam. While Pierre Bunyan was born that night during the flashes of lightning and thunder, Pierre's mother experienced a difficult labour and passed away, leaving newborn Pierre by himself in the forest.

But newborn Pierre was not alone, as the nearby beavers and moose descended upon him to care and raise him. Pierre's Manitoba Metis roots guided him to learn how to live off the land, and his beaver friends taught him the ways of tree pruning and stump removal. Once a young man, Pierre Bunyan decided to return to society, where his lumberjack skills quickly caught the attention of those around him. While Pierre is said to return every few years to visit his beaver and moose friends, his lumberjack roots callingroots brings him to the many mature neighbourhoods of Winnipeg like River Heights and Wolseley, where residents are amazed at his skills and techniques. If you're ever in Winnipeg, keep an eye on the treeline, as you might just spot the legendary lumberjack* Pierre Bunyan himself.
*certified arborist

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